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Glow In The Dark

LED Flasher Lights
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Bait Holders

Freshwater fishing

Take the bait holder to the next level by adding a light

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Glow In The Dark Lights
Glow In The Dark Lights
If you have had success with Bechhold's Flashers and rotary bullets bait holders, you are going to love their latest invention - a glow in the dark light housing, with different colored lights inside the housing. This concept is brand new to the fishing industry in both Europe and USA. The glow housing has 6% phosphorous, witch makes the housing glow a brig...
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LED Light care
LED Light care
Water activated LED lights are LED lights that have a water activated ground so when you place the LED light in water it completes the ground circuit on the light and when you remove them from water the ground is no longer activated and they will shut off. When considering purchasing LED lights you will want to first buy a sealed unit, which will prevent wat...
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