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The 11" Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna with Prop Blade and Buzz Blade

The Big Kahuna is available in the following plastic colors,

Green Super Glow
Chartreuse Super Glow
Blue Super Glow
Purple Super Glow

Available with the following tape colors,

Silver Spot
Disco Mama
Rainbow Mama
Crush Glow
Slick Glow
Blue Mama

The 11" Big Kahuna is a flasher that has two blades.  Each of the two blades may be one of  three different types of blades:

1. Prop Blade - comes in a variety of colors
2. Buzz Blade -
buzz blade...inner blade turns clockwise...outer blade turns counter clockwise...creates vibrations in the water...
3. Clacker Blade -
this blade can be tuned in for generating sound...it is two separate blades, with a hammer blade striking the second blade...fine tune this device by bending the hammer blade...


Chartreuse Flake


Clacker Blade

Clear Flake



Salmon Egg


Prop Blades

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